Chiropractic is a an art, science and philosophy specializing in restoring normal balance and function to the neuromuscularskeletal system and thus, facilitating the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

At The Chiropractic Health Centre, we aim to restore mobility, function and health through natural, hands-on therapy and offer massage, rehabilitation and Chiropractic treatment.

Our Chiropractors are highly skilled at assessing and treating neuromuscularskeletal conditions and specialize in the biomechanical integrity of the vertebral joints of the spine .

 We provide evidence based treatment related to neck/back pain, sports and repetitive strain injuries, chronic headaches, pregnancy-related back pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, pediatrics, geriatrics and worker's compensation. 

 Our practitioners place emphasis on ensuring that our knowledge and treatment methods are up-to-date with the current literature and make use of the latest treatment modalities in order to optimize your recovery and health.

Our practices are conveniently located on the Atlantic Seaboard, Sea Point and in the heart of the Southern Suburbs, Claremont.


Hands-On Therapy

At The Chiropractic Health Centre, we aim to restore mobility, function and health through natural, hands-on therapy and offer massage, rehabilitation and Chiropractic treatment.

Treatment Modalities

Our various treatment modalities are highly effective and may be used during your chiropractic consultation to ensure an optimal recovery rate. These include: Dry Needling, BioFlex Laser Therapy, Shock-wave Therapy and custom Orthotics.

Products We Offer

We offer a wide range of products to optimize your health and vitality. These include  various ergonomic supports that provide relief while working at a desk for long periods of time, sleeping or driving.

What do our patients have to say?

“Mine and my baby’s treatments at The Chiro Health Centre have improved our well being tenfold. My 8 month old daughter suffered with terrible reflux before she started seeing Dr Murray McDonald and was on really harsh medication to help. Since having her chiropractic sessions with Dr McDonald her reflux has improved dramatically. Not only that, I also saw an improvement in her mobility immediately. She loves her sessions! I highly recommend The Chiro Health Centre to everyone, but especially to Mom’s and baba’s

Lindsay Jane Ward

“I came in extreme pain,  the location was right and i saw that one of the practitioners practised homeopathy. ‘Open-minded’, I thought. I like. Hope they can crick me back into shape. Dr. Roberts did just that, with a variety of chiropractic methods that brought increasing relief and rehabilitation and a keen ear for my story. He also offered advice for practical ways to avoid repeating the issue. And then we got chatting about organic farming and I knew I had found a new home-from-home. This is the kind of health center I can see becoming a gathering place for people who care about themselves and others, the environment and the future. Very pleased to have found you.”

Jess Henson

“Being a skateboarder, I’m always injuring myself. These guys sort me out every time! A friendly place too!”

Cole Halliday

“The Chiro Health Centre feels like getting treatment in your own home. The Claremont branch has a lovely set up (with a garden to wait in) and kind doctors that are concerned more with your wellbeing than selling product. The Seapoint practice is extremely convenient, and there’s nothing quite like getting a manipulation with a view of Lion’s Head. Highly recommend both!”



"Being a chiropractic patient has helped me immensely…seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis has made me a better golfer. I’ve been going to Chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing."

This was said by the worlds greastest golfer, Tiger Woods, who has been visiting his Chiropractor since childhood. Nowadays, most of the professional PGA golfers visit Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) regularily to optimize their performances. Chiropractic not only facilitates recovery and prevents injury, but improves the bodies function as a whole. At The Chiropractic Health Centre, we also offer foot scans and custom-made, flexible orthotics which have been shown to positivley influence balance, proprioception and proprioceptive symmetry in golfers (Stude and Gullickson, 2000) . Click to view the study here

Zach Johnson: Pro Golfer