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''Through gentle and non-invasive techniques, chiropractic care can alleviate your pain and improve your overall function, getting you back to a lifetime of health and wellness''

Injury diagnosis and healing

Chiropractors are qualified to diagnose and manage your condition or refer for further investigation and treatment where necessary

Improved posture

Today's modern, fast-paced, desk-bound lifestyle often leads to postural related stress and pain

Decreased aches + pains

We make use of various treatment modalities to decrease inflammation and speed up recovery time

Improved range of motion

By restoring normal function the body, we help you to heal optimally and feel great

Full Spinal Screening

Your spinal cord and nervous system co-ordinate all functions of the human body

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Our services


Chiropractors are highly skilled in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of  disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system and specialize in the biomechanical integrity of the spine

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Radial Shockwave Therapy

RSWT uses acoustic sound wave energy to promotes regeneration in joints, tendons and other soft tissues.

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a minimally invasive, low-risk method of releasing trigger points, relieving pain/muscle tension, increasing range of motion and speeding up your recovery rate

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Massage improves circulatory, lymphatic and neuromuscular functioning, as well as reducing stress, blood pressure and muscle tension

Bioflex Laser Therapy

A safe and effective therapy for inflammation, headaches, fractures, arthritic conditions, repetitive-strain injuries, wound healing and soft tissue injuries.

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Custom Insoles

Custom molds, to provide the unique support your feet and body needs, from the bottom up.

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Want to visit?

Pick a practice...

Atlantic Chiropractic

Claremont Chiropractic

Patient-Centered Care

The Chiropractic Health Centre consists an interdisciplinary team of experienced healthcare providers, working together to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible.

We place emphasis on keeping our knowledge and treatment methods up-to-date with the current literature and make use of the latest treatment modalities in order to optimize your recovery and health.

We have a strong inter-professional referral base and recognize, timeously, the need for referral where appropriate.

Our practices are conveniently located on the Atlantic Seaboard, Sea Point and in the heart of the Southern Suburbs, Claremont.

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The Healing Resolve: Remedial Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation

The Healing Resolve honours innate healing and holds the intention of always caring and intelligently guiding the healing process, focusing on the healing benefits of Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation.

The practice is intelligently attuned to your personal needs to safely and effectively encourage optimal wellbeing.

With an emphasis on Remedial Yoga, integrate and engage personal alignment and balance.

Clearly see your patterns and with discernment and gentle encouragement shift out of pain.

Learn practical and accessible tools to cultivate steadiness to find ease.

Enhance subtle awareness to expand innate healing, rendering optimal expression of Self always.

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021-439-8898 (Sea Point) / 021-683-2996 (Claremont)