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On Thursday last week, Dr. Murray MacDonald and myself (Dr. Jesse B Roberts) popped out of the practice to do a presentation at a nearby retirement home- Palm Gardens Retreat.

As this was the first of a series of self-empowering presentations that we will be doing at the home, we did not know quite what to expect but were pleasantly surprised by a friendly group of enthusiastic seniors.


Murray started off chatting to the group about the numerous factors relating to Pain and WHY IT HURTS? This is a topic that Dr. McDonald is very familiar with, being the chairman of the South African Pain Academy. The talk was very interesting and centered around the fact that pain is something of the mind and not necessarily always as physically and biologically present as we may expect.
I went on to explain to the group what a chiropractor does and how a visit to the Chiropractor might help them in terms of pain relief, range of motion, balance and co-ordination.
The 3 main reasons- summarized
1. Pain Relief- Chiropractic is a safe and conservative alternative for effective and drug-free pain management.
2. Range of Motion- By restoring normal joint function range of motion and muscle function to the body, Chiropractic can improve quality of life.
3. Balance and Co-ordination- As we get older, the proprioceptive function of our mechanoreceptors decreases. What this means is that we become less aware of our body and where it is in space results in more injuries due to falls. Chiropractic manipulation has been shown to improve proprioceptive feedback and therefor reduce falls.
Lastly, I briefly described Bioflex Laser Therapy which is a conservative option for acute and chronic pain management that we use regularly  in practice.
The Bioflex Laser functions at a cellular to increase the production of ATP by mitochondrial cells.
This has many positive effects that ultimately result in decreased inflammation/pain and increased cellular regeneration/ recovery rate.
Overall, it was a very rewarding experience for everyone. The residents at Palm Gardens had many questions and the talk went on twice as long as expected.
The Chiropractic Health Centre was able to 'give back' while Murray and I were able to practice our presenting skills with a very easy-going crowd.
We look forward to the next one 🙂




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