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Chiropractic Intervention for Enuresis (Bed-wetting)

Does your child wet the bed more often than not?
Do you know of anyone else that may be dealing with this issue?
Nocturnal Enuresis is a common condition that results in large amounts of stress for both the parents and the child, yet not many people know that Chiropractic is a possible solution.
Results from a study conducted at the Palmer Institute of Graduate Studies and Research suggest the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for primary nocturnal enuresis. Twenty-five percent of the treatment-group children had 50% or more reduction in the wet night frequency from baseline to post-treatment while none among the control group had such reduction (Reed et al., 1994).
Personally, I have heard many successful stories of cases where Chiropractic care has been used to manage the condition and thus, i was eager to offer some hope when two distressed parents arrived at my practice with their young boy.
I have enough younger siblings to understand some of the stresses come along with bed-wetting. Beside the frustration of constantly having to wash the bedding, children feel embarrassed and parents feel ashamed, often both blaming themselves. The child is unable to sleep out or attend school camps and is often teased by older siblings or peers.
SO... What causes Nocturnal Enuresis?
To answer this question, one needs to understand a spinal reflex called the phrenic reflex. This reflex is present when a baby is in deep sleep. Breathing slows to the point where CO2 gets high enough to trigger the reflex. This stimulates the diaphragm and causes the baby takes a deep breathe.
When the phrenic reflex is not functioning normally, CO2 levels cause smooth/involuntary muscles to relax. In the case of nocturnal enuresis, the smooth muscle sphincter which is responsible for letting urine pass out of the bladder relaxes.This is perfectly normal in infants, however should mature as the child grows. Delayed reflex development is often hereditory and is generally slower in boys than girls.
SO... Where does Chiropractic fit in?
The phrenic nerves, responsible for the phrenic relex, exit the cervical spine between the 3rd, 4th and 5th vertebra. Dysfunction and restriction at these vertebral segments could result in irritation of the corresponding nerve roots and thus, cause interference of the reflex. The Chiropractor aims to restores normal motion, balance and function to the area and relieve the nervous irritation, thereby normalising the phrenic reflex.
SO... Will Chiropractic help my child?
It is difficult to establish the main cause of nocturnal enuresis. Often there is a combination of factors that play a role in the condition and in some cases the child is simply overactive and exhausted at the end of the day. The only way one will know if Chiropractic management will help, is to try it out. Sometimes the child will respond spontaneously after one treatment, sometimes it may take a few. Feel free to chat to your Chiropractor to learn more 🙂




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