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Chirosport SA’s first visit to Endurocad

Chiropractic and endurance running go ‘hand-in-foot' and should be ‘joined at the hip’

Having a Chiropractor in your team is a growing trend among elite endurance runners. Olympic silver medalist and Boston marathon winner, Meb Keflezighi, has been seeing his Chiropractor since high school and tries to get adjusted at least once every two weeks.

“What I like about chiro is that they look at the whole body, not just the injury. I might have pain in my hip but the problem might be in my shoulder,” explains Meb.
In order to sustain prolonged periods of exercise, especially repetitive high-impact exercise like running, the neuromuscularskeletal system needs to be in balance, communicating and functioning intrinsically as a whole. Any muscle imbalance, misalignment, injury or joint dysfunction can result in an abnormal posture and gait leading to compensatory overuse, strain and further injury. This becomes increasingly complicated as the body adjusts over time and can seriously harm an athletes career if it is not managed correctly.
If you can improve the range of motion in a runner’s hip joint, for example, this will improve the biomechanics of the entire lower limb. The benefits are exponential and can easily play a significant role in the athlete’s overall result and preventing future injury ‘in the long run.’
Fine-tuning an athlete with a pre-race chiropractic adjustment can give them their winning edge. Lance Armstrong, Dan O’Brian, Marla Runyan, Alicia Shay and Adam and Kara Goucher are among some of the many elite athletes who consider chiropractic to play a vital role in their winning formula.
On the 25th May, Chirosport SA sent their first team of 4 chiropractors out to the Stellenbosh Sports Acadamy to initiate a long-term project in conjunction with Endurocad (SA Endurance Academy). The aim of the project is to provide cost-free care to elite endurance athletes in order to raise awareness on the benefits of chiropractic.

 All four of us were busy from the moment we walked in, until the last athlete left, emphasizing a full head-to-toe analysis and medical history. Knowing that they now had a team of health-care professionals supporting them and a proper management strategy, they left with a newfound sense of positivity, confidence and relief.
All round, it was a fantastic experience and the start of a promising relationship. I’d like to thank Nolene Conrad from Endurocad and Dr. Moira Robertson from Stellenbosh Chiropractic for organizing.




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