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The Early Bird Catches The Sun

Schedule Time To Slow Down

Who saw the sunrise this morning? Who has taken the time to watch the sunset this week? This month?
Making a point to watch the morning sunrise or evening sunset can be incredibly beneficial to both your physical and mental well-being. Slow down and find a special spot where you can sit and reflect as you un-wind, soaking up the sky’s most colorful time of day.
The reason that sunrises and sunsets are so magnificently colourful is because of a phenomenon called ‘scattering.’ The colours, blue and violet are scattered very easily by molecules in the atmosphere and are therefore most present on a clear day. Due to the sun being so low on the horizon, its’ light travels through more atmospheric particles resulting in blue/violet waves being scattered and not reaching our eyes. What is left is the picturesque expression of yellow, orange and red. These colours are more vibrant in areas with less air pollution as the light waves can travel easily through the clear and crisp air.
The positive health benefits of ‘quiet time’ in nature are well documented in science but we don’t need research to know that we feel better after an escape. Taking a purposeful moment to do nothing but breathe and watch the day begin or end is the perfect way to center your thoughts.
Did you know however, that there is research that associates getting up to watch the sunrise with healthy weight loss! Exposure to morning light (sunlight or artificial) is believed to play a role in the regulation of your metabolism in the same way that it can regulate your circadian sleep patterns. The causal link has not yet been confirmed, so don’t start switching your lights on at the crack of dawn just yet, but the same relationship between weight loss and early morning light has been shown in animals as well.
Personally, I feel that the link is more likely related to an early injection of vitamin D and melatonin (sleep regulator). Regardless of the cause, I know how great I feel when my day starts with a sunrise and I know the relaxing effects of a slow sunset. More research is needed, but in the mean time I will allocate more effort into finding the time to put the daily rush on pause while I appreciate natural beauty.
No excuses. The event is well timed and can be easily worked into your check list




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