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What To Expect After Chiropractic Treatment

  • Immediately
The treated area may feel achy, tingly and/or ‘loose’. Often a profound feeling of relief is experienced. And, on occasion, you may feel quite emotional – this is a natural response and is related to the involvement of the nervous system and the release following treatment. Some people laugh, some people cry (not due to pain, mind you), and many feel incredibly sleepy.
  • Next few hours
Chiropractic treatment aims to activate the body’s innate healing/recovery response, which involves the process of inflammation (which includes an influx of blood and immune cells to the area). This means that the area that is treated may start to feel ‘full’, tight or sore/tender.
  • Tomorrow
Any tightness or soreness from the previous day often dissipates by the following day. However, some people may feel the same or even slightly worse. This is dependent on the severity and timing of the injury, as well as how vigorous the patient’s immune system is (which is highly individual). But be assured that it will pass and the immune system will have done a lot of good work in that time.
Our next post will be about how to schedule treatments for the best results.
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