How To Be Healthier Than You Are RIGHT NOW: Reduce Alcohol

Drink slower, less frequently and smaller amounts 

There has been a lot of talk about the health effects of drinking alcoholic drinks – especially red wine. Some people have taken this as permission to drink. But the truth is that any health benefits from alcohol are mild at best while the negative effects are so numerous and severe that it is a wonder alcohol is even legal in a modern society. In fact, a recent study on the effects (health, personal, social) of all drugs and alcohol showed alcohol to be the 4th most dangerous substance. It was only topped by heroine, meth and crack. So put that in your pipe and, wait… rather don’t.

If you feel you must continue to drink, let’s set some ground rules, shall we?

  1. Research suggests ONE drink per day is fine and may even protect you from heart disease, stroke, etc. That’s a 150ml wine, 330ml beer, or 25ml whiskey/brandy/etc.
  2. Every time you drink more than that, you are doing damage to your body. Make no mistake, alcohol is a poison. The degree of damage is related to the amount you drink, how quickly you drink it and how often you drink.
  3. Having 2 drinks per day is healthier than having 10 drinks once per week i.e. binge drinking is awful for you.
  4. DO NOT DRINK AND THEN DRIVE. Road accidents are still one of the biggest killers in this country (especially for young people). And most are related to alcohol abuse on the part of the driver or pedestrians.
  5. The body processes alcohol at a rate of 0.1g/kg of bodyweight. This means that a 70kg person processes the alcohol in a 330ml beer in roughly 2 and ½ hours. And so far no substance is known to speed up that process: not water, not coffee, not ANYTHING.
  6. To minimize the effects of drinking: eat a proper meal before you start; pace yourself; set yourself a limit; stick to drinks with less sugar; alcohol dehydrates you so replace lost fluid with some water during/after.
Though we jokingly say that we’re drinking that bottle of wine “for our health”, don’t lose sight of the truth – alcohol is toxic. So maybe find another way to get through dinner with your in-laws.
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