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How to be healthier than you are RIGHT NOW: RELAX

Handling stress

This is another major skill set that needs to be developed if you want to be healthy and happy. Mental and emotional stress leads to chemicals being released into the body that are the same chemicals released when you are being attacked or you are injured. In discrete doses this allows you to function in a fight/flight capacity and overcome an immediate obstacle. When this stress is prolonged it leads to the eventual breakdown and damage of your body’s cells, tissues and organs. Stress is linked with increased levels of cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, obesity, peptic ulcer disease, IBS, hormone dysfunction, etc, etc. So being able to handle this stress in an appropriate way would be useful, yes?
  1. Decide what is important above all else. These are the things that warrant the most attention in our lives – it usually boils down to family, friends and a sense of purpose.
  2. Do not stress over things that cannot be changed i.e. the past, things out of your control, etc.
  3. Accept your past. Learn from it and move on.
  4. Nobody can do it alone – delegate and accept help when it is offered.
  5. If you can change your situation, do it. If you cannot, accept it.
  6. Find a method of stress relief – exercise, meditation, yoga, fun with friends and family, etc. Do these things as often as you can.
If you feel that you cannot handle your stress, talk to a professional – a therapist, counselor or psychologist. There is no shame in needing to talk to someone. In might be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. We can highly recommend Anita Badenhorst in Claremont (tel: 021 683 2996).
Thank you for reading. For more lifestyle advice on how to achieve optimal health, visit The Chiropractic Health Centre for a check up. Chat to one of our friendly receptionists to make a booking or follow the link to learn more about our services:
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