What You Need To Know About The Largest Lysteriosis Outbreak Ever

Don't Panic

So you've recently eaten a pie, a ham sandwich or some polony. Don't panic just yet. Lysteriosis affects people with weakened immune systems, the elderly, pregnant women, babies in the womb and new borns. If you don't have the symptoms, then you probably don't need to worry at all. In the mean time, 'Fry's vegetarian range' is delicious and they even have a polony option!
On a serious note, stay away from enterprise foods for a while and if you know someone with a compromised immune system that has developed signs or symptoms of lysteriosis such as stomach problems, fever and/or diarrhoea‚ send them to a doctor to get tested. 
Listeriosis is a serious, but preventable and treatable disease caused by the bacterium, listeria monocytogenes, which is found in soil, water, vegetation and some animal faeces. Animal products, including meat and dairy; seafood; and fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, can all be contaminated.
Some Useful Facts:
Lysteria loves your fridge
Lysteria can continue to multiply in uncooked, refrigerated food. NICD recommends using diluted bleach to clean areas of your fridge that may have been contaminated by viennas or polony.
Cooking kills the bacteria
Food heated to above 70 degrees is safe. Be careful not to cross contaminate with raw foods. 
The bacteria can be tough to locate in food processing plants
The bacteria can 'hide' in factories, surviving detergents and is not present throughout food items. Therefore, testing one piece of vienna could show negative when another piece is positive.
Our government is responsible for food safety
Health inspectors are employed by the government to perform spot checks, but many municipalities are understaffed and overwhelmed. 
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