The term 'Chiropractic' means practiced by hand and, as the name suggests, Chiropractic is a drug and surgery-free approach to natural health and healing. Since the first Chiropractic manipulation was performed in 1895, Chiropractic has become the 3rd most popular primary health care profession in the world.

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Doctors of Chiropractic are highly skilled at assessing and treating neuromuscularskeletal conditions which affect the nervous system, muscles and joints in the body and specialize in the biomechanical integrity of the spinal vertebrae. Individual vertebral joints that are not functioning normally may irritate the spinal nerve that exits their 'intervertebral foramen/opening. This irritation may affect the related nervous supply and result in back pain, neck pain and many other problems.

The Chiropractor aims to identify and manipulate/adjust the dysfunctional joint, and thus, restore natural balance, mobility and function to the body.

Who should see a Chiropractor:

• Babies and kids- "as the twig bends, so grows the tree"-David Noer. Children's bodies and nervous systems are rapidly adapting as they grow. It is important to correct any spinal problems early in life.
• Pregnant women- Chiropractic can make delivery easier and decrease back pain during and after the pregnancy.
• Office workers- Today's world requires us to sit in unnatural positions, with poor posture and minimal activity for extended periods of time.
• Elderly- After years of wear and tear, the elderly can be susceptible to spinal issues.
• Athletes- Athletes place large amounts of stress on their bodies in order to perform at their peak and push their bodies to the limit. It is important to maintain optimal health and prevent conditions from developing later in life.

Common conditions treated by Chiropractors include:
• Neck pain
• Low back pain
• Chronic headaches and migraines

• Whiplash
• Shoulder pain
• Arm pain (elbow pain and tingling in the hands)
• Hip pain
• Leg pain
• Sciatica
• Knee pain
• Foot and ankle pain

Initial Consultations: R800
A full case history, postural, orthopedic and neurological examination will take place. Based on this, the Chiropractor will decide on an appropriate management strategy.
Follow-up Consultations: R750
This will include re-evaluations if necessary, and continuation the treatment protocol.

We accept cash / card on the day of your consultation – you may claim back from your medical aid. Contact us to make a booking!

To learn more about how chiropractic works, who can benefit, when to see a chiropractor, what to expect  and other frequently asked questions:


Massage improves health and well-being by improving circulatory, lymphatic and neuromuscular functioning, as well as reducing blood pressure and muscle tension.

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Massage also improves posture, speeds up post-operative and injury rehabilitation and helps to relieve and prevent physical dysfunction or pain by breaking the pain/spasm cycle.

General benefits of massage

• Management of stress, anxiety and headaches.
• Relieves neuromuscular and musculoskeletal tension and encourages general relaxation.
• Prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries.
• Improves range of motion, muscle flexibility, performance and endurance thereby reducing the chance of injury and accelerating recovery time.

30minutes- R400
45minutes- R500
60minutes- R600
90minutes- R850

Buy a package DEAL of 5X 60min sessions for R2500 or 5X 90min sessions for R3500

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Laser therapy offers patients a safe and effective therapy for a wide range of medical conditions including inflammation, headaches, fractures, arthritic conditions, repetitive stress injuries, wound healing and soft tissue injuries. 

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How does it work?

Low-Intensity-Laser-Therapy (LILT), also known as cold laser or photo-biomodulation, is the use of light from low intensity laser diodes to eliminate pain, accelerate healing and decrease inflammation. LILT does not heat or cut tissue, unlike high intensity lasers. Many pharmacological treatments mask pain or only address the symptoms of the disease- Laser Therapy treats the underlying condition or pathology by promoting healing.

Physiological Effects
• Decreases inflammation, thus reducing pain and speeding up recovery.
• Stimulates the cellular mitochondria, also known as 'the power house' of the cell. This accelerates cellular activity and healing.
• Increased production and release of : endorphins (naturally produced analgesic), cortisol (precursor of cortisone), growth hormone (instrumental in tissue repair) and ATP ( improves and regulates cellular metabolism).
• Increases the rate of protein synthesis – resulting in rapid regeneration of collagen, DNA and fibroblasts.
• Venous and lymphatic is flow facilitated, further reducing inflammation.
• Enhances the immune response, promoting natural healing.
• Helps restores normal range of motion and physical function.
• Reduces the need for pharmaceuticals.
• Provides a non-invasive treatment alternative for patients that have not responded to conventional therapies.

Chat to your Chiropractor if you think Low-Level Laser Therapy is right for you, and feel free to learn more on the Bioflex website here.

Bioflex laser therapy: R700 per session
(or inclusive as a modality treatment protocol in your standard chiropractic consultation.)

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Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in chiropractic, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology and veterinary medicine. Its main assets are fast pain relief and mobility restoration. Together with being a non-surgical therapy with no need for painkillers makes it an ideal therapy to speed up recovery and cure various indications causing acute or chronic pain.

Chat to your Chiropractor if you think Shock Wave Therapy is right for you, and feel free to view more information on the StorzMedical website here.

Shockwave therapy: R700 per session
(or inclusive as a modality treatment protocol in your standard chiropractic consultation.)

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FootBalance Medical Insoles

Your foot/ankle/knee/hip/back pain may be a result of a dropped arch and one-size-fits-all/over-the-counter inserts may not provide the relief you need. Our practitioners are trained to custom mold insoles that are unique to the shape of your foot and the support you need to balance your body from the bottom up. 

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Dropped arches can result in secondary compensations throughout the body and lead to strain. The common anecdote of a car's wheel alignment applies well in this case. The 'imbalanced' wheel takes extra strain with use and eventually will wear out faster than the others. You can replace the wheel, but unless you fix the cause of the problem, the new wheel is still going to wear out. Over time, other parts of the car begin to compensate and take strain and eventually you are left with a complicated syndrome that requires an holistic recovery approach, focusing on the full lower kinematic chain as a biomechanical unit.

Improving your foot's arch may even improve your golf swing! This was shown in a recent study where a positive influence on balance, proprioception and proprioceptive symmetry was suggested in small population of experienced golfers (Stude and Gullickson, 2000).

Chat to your Chiropractor if you are interested in having a custom insoles molded for your feet (molding process is inclusive as part of your normal consult fee).

Custom Medical Insoles: R1750

We accept cash / card on the day of your consultation. Contact us to make a booking.


Our Chiropractors are highly experienced at treating myofascial trigger points with Dry Needling techniques and offer this service when necessary. Dry Needling involves the insertion of very thin needles into areas of muscle called trigger points, not to be confused with Acupuncture (traditional Chinese medicine). The needles are not hollow, i.e. do not inject medicine, and are used to treat deeper muscle trigger points directly. A "trigger point" is a taut band of skeletal muscle that occurs due to injury, overuse, chronic shortening, stress and/or strain. Trigger points may cause local and/or referred symptoms such as pain, numbness and/or weakness.

Your Chiropractor may suggest Dry Needling as a minimally invasive, low risk method of ''releasing/de-activating'' these trigger points, relieving pain/muscle tension, increasing range of motion and speeding up your recovery rate.

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At The Chiropractic Health Centre we use top quality KinesioTape to treat a virtually limitless number of ailments and injuries. Whether you are taping for chronic pain or to reduce the swelling of a new injury, the versatility of kinesio tape makes it effective for nearly any mechanical, musculoskeletal treatment. Click to learn more

What we use kinesio tape for:
• Preventative and rehabilitative support for muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments
• Align muscles and joints to facilitate normal motion
• Pain relief
• Decreased inflammation
• Muscle relaxation
• Enhanced performance

Since the 2009 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, kinesio tape has been brought into the limelight by many celebrity athletes but is beneficial for non-sport related injuries too. By mimicking the qualities of human skin, kinesio tape provides proven, comfortable treatment to patients of all ages.

How does it work?
When an area of the body is injured through impact or over-use, the lymphatic fluid builds up causing inflammation and swelling. This accumulation of lymphatic fluids may cause increased pressure on muscles and tissue which can cause significant discomfort or pain. Injury in the body can occur through impact or overuse and results in inflammation and swelling. Lymphatic fluid builds up, increasing pressure and therefore pain. Kinesio tape is applied on a stretch, causing a recoil/pulling effect on the skin that depends on the shape, direction, location and technique of application. Besides the mechanical support provided, it is believed that when applied correctly, KT Tape lifts the skin, decompressing the layers of fascia, allowing for greater movement of lymphatic fluid which transports white blood cells throughout the body and removes waste products, cellular debris, and bacteria. Ultimately, this speeds up recovery.

Why use it?
Kinesio tape relieves pain by reducing tissue pressure and, when applied correctly,  provides mechanical support to muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. This improves the muscle's ability to contract and prevents hyperextention. The tape is comfortable, latex-free, hypo-allergenic and is designed for humidity, sweat and showers to release moisture and allow for multiple days of wear.

Who should use it?

Whether you are training to climb Everest, recovering from an injury or just getting through the day, kinesio tape can optimize your health and improve your performance. Kinesio tape is light weight and comfortable, and can be used for many common injuries such as lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprained ankles, and tennis elbow—just to name a few.

Chat to your Chiropractor if you think Kinesio Taping might be for you!

The Healing Resolve: Yoga and Meditation

The Healing Resolve honours innate healing and holds the intention of always caring and intelligently guiding the healing process, focusing on the healing benefits of Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation.

The practice is intelligently attuned to your personal needs to safely and effectively encourage optimal wellbeing.

With an emphasis on Remedial Yoga, integrate and engage personal alignment and balance.

Clearly see your patterns and with discernment and gentle encouragement shift out of pain.

Learn practical and accessible tools to cultivate steadiness to find ease.

Enhance subtle awareness to expand innate healing, rendering optimal expression of Self always.

For workshops, classes and more: Visit The Healing Resolve website