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“Sitting is the new smoking”

Take a look at how you are sitting RIGHT NOW.

How long do you sit per day? 13 hours on average!

That's +325 hours a month!
"Sitting is the new smoking"
By making a decision to take control today, you can prevent the negative effects that result from your work habits.
2 weeks back i was asked to speak at a wellness day for the Allen Gray Orbis Foundation. I was the last speaker of the day and i figured everyone could do with a good stretch after a long day of sitting.
Most of these can be done seated or standing Hold for each for 20seconds or complete 8 reps were appropriate.

I challenge you to try these moves throughout the day for a week.

Be aware of how you feel and your productivity levels!
BRUGGER RELIEF- This is your go to, do it as often as you need. There is no overdose…
-Arms at sides, thumbs up raise chest and head to the ceiling, take a deep breath in, squeeze shoulder blades together and down.
1 NECK- Hold chair with one hand, turn head 45 degrees to opposite side, use other hand to pull head down with chin to chest
2 SHOULDERS- Shrug shoulders to ears and squeeze for 3 seconds, relax. Then roll shoulders forward and back.
3 FOREARMS- Stretch one arm out in front of you, palm to the ceiling, use other hand to pull fingers down to the floor.
4 UPPER BACK- one arm across the chest, use the other arm to stretch back and shoulder
5 CHEST- Use a door way to resist both arms, push forward to stretch the chest. This will prevent slouching and make you taller!
6 LOW BACK- Contract abs, twist as far as comfortable, use the chair’s arm rests to assist
7 TORSO- Stretch both arms up towards the ceieling, breath in, relax arms out sideways and down, exhale
8 HIP FLEXOR- Stand up, put one leg forward, bend the front knee of your front leg, keep back leg straight and push pelvis foward
9 HIP AND GLUTE- Seated, place one foot on opposite knee, lean forward, push leg down to increase stretch
10 INNER THIGH- elbows between thighs, hands together, lean forward and push your knees apart
-----I then followed with:

Some useful tips for the office, straight from your Chiro:

  • Keep your head on your shoulders
  • Keep your monitor in front of you, at arm’s reach and eye-level
  • Keep your keyboard in front of your monitor
  • Support your arms- This will support your neck and shoulders
  • Don’t slouch- this puts pressure on your spine
  • Keep your feet on the floor, however your knees should be just below hip level
  • Be aware of your habits- like jamming the phone between your neck and shoulder or watching the clock on your right.
  • Rest your eyes and brain by looking around the room periodically
  • If possible, work standing up! Pace around the office while on the phone
  • Take the stairs, park further away, take the scenic route- Remember, 10 000 steps a day is the recommended dosage!
  • Remember to eat and drink plenty water. It keeps you young, smart and fit
  • Exercise/move/work up a sweat to combat the effects of prolonged deskwork- 3 times a week!
  • NB: Take regular short breaks- stand up, stretch, move around every 30minutes – 1 hour. Studies have shown that this improves productivity and delays the onset of fatigue/feeling drained

TCHC is able to send an ergonomics specialist to assess your workspace and suggest changes unique to your individual requirements in order to improve your posture in the office. This service is COMPLIMENTARY




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